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About Us

Locally owned

Jeremy Jenis formed Jenis Property Services LLC around 2001 when he began applications of Herbicides and Fertilizers to his Lawn Mowing and Property Maintenance customers in the Clayton Area. 

Shortly thereafter his customers began asking him to provide Spider treatments to their homes so he obtained his Structural and Rodent (7A) qualifications. Jeremy made his applications before and after his Property Maintenance duties for Doctor Withington on Round Island. 

Several years had passed when Jeremy began realizing that he could no longer spray all of the houses and business for Spiders as word had spread about his services. Jeremy had also been called upon for extermination of Wasps, Ants, Mice, Flys and general Bugs. 

Phase Two

In 2013 Mike (the Spider Guy) came to the rescue and began making the Spider treatments as well as helping with the other pest services. This meant that Jeremy could start accepting new customers and bigger jobs which required two Applicators at once. 

Together Jeremy and Mike went on a mission to build the business slowly and steadily. Mike was assisted by Joe and now by Jeremy's nephew: Randy. They concentrate on the Spider treatments as well as the occasional Wasp, Ant and Mice jobs. Mike usually drives the Ambulance or the Blue pickup truck. 

phase three

In 2017 Jeremy hired Larry because now he and Mike were again not able to keep up with the demand from our local customers. Larry has over 11 years of experience as an Exterminator in the area. Larry is definitely the go-to guy for your stubborn Ant, Wasp and Mice problems. Larry usually drives Mike Patchen's previous painting Van.

staying the course

Jeremy is now delegated to answering phone calls and text messages to schedule the work. Jeremy does occasional late night, early morning or emergency applications. Jeremy and his wife: Meghann organize the billing and invoices. Plus their two sons help stuff and stamp the envelopes. Jeremy usually drives the unmarked white Ford Plow Truck shown below.

Man of many hats

Jeremy is still a caretaker for Doc Withington's property on Round Island in addition to being a  permanent School Bus Driver for the Thousand Islands CSD and he also maintains property for several clients, including snow plowing / shoveling. 

Please be patient as most all of the calls / texts go through Jeremy for estimates and scheduling. 

He is after all only one person, a husband, and a father of three children, but he loves to work as does Larry, Mike and Randy. 


Our mission is not to be the biggest Pest Control company but simply to be the best. We strive to provide the most effective and friendliest service.